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Madeline Zima (Twin Peaks), Helen Hong (Inside Llewyn Davis), and Rob Belushi (How I Met Your Mother) star in this podcast adaptation of Emily Schultz’s satirical, sci-fi horror novel, The Blondes. Set two years after SHV has infected blonde women with a rabies-like illness, a fictional podcast examines how the "Blond Fury" has changed our culture: from fashionable new fever bracelets, to empowerment pop songs for the infected, to an entirely new understanding of women, gender, and beauty. What begins as the story of Hazel Hayes — the unlikely, eight-months-pregnant hero who reveals government abuses at evaluation centers — turns much thornier when her personal life and role in the outbreak is churned into the mediascape. Angry, funny, and with dark turns into body horror, The Blondes is an unflinching look at what happens when beauty becomes, literally, deadly. Starring: Madeline Zima, Helen Hong, Rob Belushi, Cecilia Corrigan, Yvonne Zima, Dana Berger, Jenny Grace, Carson Elrod, and Bree Elrod. Written and produced by Brian J Davis and Emily Schultz. Music for the series composed by Oldfather, and songs by Dawn Lewis and Michael Hussey.

In summer 2020, The Blondes podcast will be available in French and Spanish language versions, produced with Sybel  and available on their platform.

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